‘Who will build the roads if the government doesn’t?’  This is a picture of the newly paved road from Tola, Nicaragua to the pacific coast.



Who built it?  The business that will most benefit from a paved road – Guacalito de Isla and its luxury resort Mukul. We had been waiting for a decade for the government to pave this vital road, but it didn’t happen until Guacalito’s owner, Carlos Pellas,  stepped in and did it himself. Here’s the website for Guacalito http://www.guacalitodelaisla.com/home.aspx

“But who will provide accessible health care if the government doesn’t?” In Limon, Nicaragua, the answer is http://nicaclinic.org/. This clinic was formed by folks from Rancho Santana.  https://ranchosantana.com

“Schools?” http://casaverdeconnects.com/ and http://fordfamilyfoundation.org/  (also Rancho Santana folks).

And  http://www.projectwoo.org/  supports the local community in nearby Gigante.

People will help one another. No coercion required. Regardless of the reward you seek (profit, feeling good about helping others, notoriety, gratification from doing the right thing, mastery of a challenge, etc.), the key is always the same – make yourself valuable to others.